Php Tutorial For Beginners


Php Tutorial for Beginners

It is never easy to learn something new – in most cases, you will get overwhelm on where to start, or even on whether you should do it or not. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, learning a programming language like PHP is not an easy task but with the right guidance you can achieve it in a very short amount of time.

If you need to learn programming, you need to know PHP and the best way to learn it is by having a blueprint of what you want to achieve, a road map or simply a plan of action for learning topics that will help you to become a PHP expert. No need worrying about getting the best resources, just concentrate on avoiding the bad ones and knowing what to learn next and you will excel. This tutorial will teach you some basics of PHP.

What is PHP?

You must have heard about PHP and wonder what it is; well, PHP is just a computer program which is installed on top of your web server software. PHP works with versions of Microsoft IIS, Apache and other server software packages. PHP just like HTML is a scripting language which implies that there is no need to compile the code before it can be used as it gets processed once it is needed.

To use PHP, you need to insert it inside the HTML code of your website and your server will execute it when someone visits your client.

Here are some functions of PHP on a website:

  • It helps in authentication and tracking of users
  • It can run threaded discussions on your website
  • It is used in capturing user? information
  • It generate different pages to different people using different devices or browsers
  • It serves XML pages

What you need to learn PHP

In order to make your journey easier, there are some scripting languages that you need to know. Since PHP involves creating a back-end service for a website, you need to know at least the very basics of the following

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • MySQL

You will also need some software to create and test your codes, which include:

  • Text Editor
  • Web Browser

Here are the steps to learn PHP for a beginner

Step One: Learn the Fundamentals

Before you run off trying to master PHP in one day, begin by learning the basics and the fundamentals of PHP. This way, you will be well-grounded in the easy part of PHP before going into the difficult part of it.

Step Two: Get Tutorials from Udemy, Lynda or

You journey to learning PHP will be made easier if you could get some professional courses on PHP that are designed for beginners. This is because these courses offer by websites like have distilled down the cumbersome language into a level that average beginner can easily comprehend. The tutorials you will get from these sites suggested above are top notch and they cover a wide range of topics on PHP. You can as well download some video tutorials from these sites to fast track your training.

Step Three: Read Good PHP Tutorial books

You can get lots of good ebook tutorial on PHP from well-known authors on Amazon. These books will help you to be more grounded and solid on your knowledge of PHP. Some of these books include:

  • PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy By David Powers
  • PHP for Absolute Beginners By Jason Lengstorf
  • PHP Cookbook By Adam Trachtenberg

You can get all the above recommended eBooks from Amazon for a very cheap price.

Step Four: Begin By Creating Something Simple

Now, with the basic information you’ve gathered about PHP, you can be able to create something simple. The best way to learn PHP is by beginning with something simple and then progress into creating something awesome.

Install your local server, in this case, you will use Notepad++ to write your codes and use Xampp to test it.

Since this is probably your first time, play it safe and just create something that is very basic like a CRUD app. Avoid creating something major as this will make it hard for you to learn PHP the right way.

Step Five: Build Something Awesome

When you have become more confident with what you’ve learnt so far, you can now progress and try to create something awesome. Don’t sweat it, if you cannot do it the first time, try again.

Here are few ideas of what you can try to build;

  • Begin by creating a blog. There are lots of open source solutions for you to get inspiration for the software architecture.
  • Try and create a discussion board, it may sound a little old school, but it is a good way to test your knowledge of creating awesome projects.
  • If you know what you are doing, you can build yourself a project management application.

Make Money With Your PHP Skills

There are tons of ways you can make money with the new PHP skills you’ve just acquired. Lot of companies are looking for those with knowledge of PHP and you can use this opportunity to make lots of money. However, one of the problems that some programmer experts don? know is how or where to look for a job, some as well do not know their value. If you want to know how you can monetize your PHP coding skills, get this great 30 Day Coding Guide from Tekdomain that tells you everything you need to know about programmer’s job market.

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