Can You Learn to Code in 30-Days?

Can You Learn to Code in 30-Days?

When you have not explored the world of programmers, learning to program will seem like an impossible daunting task or challenge that will always scare you away especially when you see lots of unknown characters and numbers. Don’t lose hope yet — learning to program has never been easier, thanks to our 30-Days Coding Guide” and a number of other great resources that you can find online. It is now possible to learn to code in 30 days and even build your own prototype. In fact, if you are serious about learning coding, you can have your own functioning prototype within 30 days without missing your day work. All it takes is the right guidance with knowledgeable instructors.

Below, we have outline some simple path you can follow from knowing next to nothing about software development to having your own working prototype in the next 30 days.

Master the basic programming terminologies

For an average Joe, what scare him away from learning programming is the programming jargons or the unfamiliar terminology that gets every aspiring programmer even more confused. Those who are new to programming most times worry so much about which programming language to learn. Although the choice of programming language matter, but it matters far less than people usually think it does. Choose the program language you want to learn. Take out time from your schedule to learn these terminologies

Despite the fact that programming language can have scary names like python, C++ and SQL; it not as hard as you may think. Programming language have straightforward format which makes it easy to learn the basic concepts lessons under 10 minutes. Coding guide like our 30 Days Coding Guide explains these programming terms in most simple terms so that you can understand it without wasting much time. You can also take up an online class to help you move at a faster pace.

Once you master these programming terms and understand what coding is all about and how it works. You have set yourself on the course for success within 30 days.

Start by solving small programs first and build knowledge base to solve large problems

One mistake most beginners make in programming is that they try to take on some big programming task at first which end up leaving them frustrated, some will give up learning programming totally while others will take longer time to succeed.

To become a programmer within 30 days, start by taking the course for beginners, then gradually move on to solving small problems. As you solve these smaller problems, you do research and ask questions and gain invaluable knowledge and experience to help you solve bigger problems. This is what is called “taking baby steps”. Don’t try to rush it, the knowledge you can acquire by solving small programming problems and tasks within your capacity is very vital for your success. “Rome was not built in a day”, so don’t try to learn and do everything the first day. Our 30 Day Coding Guide gradually ease you into the world of program. Starting from the basic steps to more advanced stuff so that you can easily learn programming without missing a step or getting confused. After your 30 days lesson, you can be able to create your first prototype.

Learn only what is needed to solve the client? problem

Whether you want to learn about Java, C#, C++, ASP.NET, Python or any other programming language; you just need the basic programming lessons to be able to solve basic programming problems. Programming course is endless, there are new lessons coming out every day. Trying to learn everything about programming may take you a vast amount of time and money. In order to learn programming within 30 days, concentrate on learning only what is needed to solve the client’s problem.

Don’t go overboard trying to solve the problem given to you by your client. Just focus on what is needed to be done. You may try to impress your client by trying to solve programming problems that is above your capacity, this can end up blowing up in your face.

Our 30 Day Coding Course teach you everything you need to solve your client’s problem; how to find a client, where to find a client, your worth in the programming industry, getting the right mindset, understanding your client’s problem and how to come up with a solution for different programming problems.

How our 30-Day Coding Guide Can Help

Learning programming is not hard; however it is difficult knowing which language and the tools you actually need to succeed. This confusion has been the reason why more than 90% of aspiring programmers failed.

With our “30-Day Coding Guide” You will finally get the right directions on learn programming within 30 days and start making money by getting clients immediately.

Our Guide was designed in such a way you will be go-to-go within 30 days of starting the lessons in the guide. No beating around the bush, no hiding from you the secrets you need to succeed. You will learn everything you ever wish to know about programming and how you can start smiling to bank as a programmer.

Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere – Our “30-Days Coding Guide” is all you need to succeed as a programmer.

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