Javascript Tutorial for Beginners

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

For a beginner, learning how to code or just the idea of what programming languages are it is already a bit daunting to you. Well, with thousands of coding languages in existence today plus the fact they do look complicated, it is not surprising that you find the whole concept intimidating. This can be especially so on the topic of JavaScript Tutorial for beginners.

JavaScript is one of the important languages that every web developer has to learn. It includes learning HTML which defines the web pages?content and the CSS which specifies the web pages?layout. On the other hand, it is the JavaScript? task to program what will be the web pages?behavior. These are the three most important coding languages you must learn if you want to write codes for a website.

What is JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners?

These days, JavaScript is coding language that is quite in demand these days. Most of the time, JavaScript is confused with Java. The difference between the two relies with the fact that Java is a programming language while as JavaScript is a scripting language. Compared to the two, JavaScript is relatively easy to learn.

JavaScript is able to run on every platform and what? more, it is already installed in your browser before you even start to learn it. It is one of the programs which you must learn if you want to build anything concerning the web. This program is one of the essential for when you want to build web games and websites. This is all because of the program being dynamic and extremely flexible when used in object-oriented programming.

Starting with JavaScript

When it comes to JavaScript Tutorial for beginners, one of the things you will learn is that JavaScript is cable of changing HTML attributes and styles. JavaScript is also mostly used in order to validate an input. When writing a JavaScript code, know that it can be placed in both the <body> as well as the <head> sections of thee HTML web page. The code must be inserted in between the <script> and the </script>> tags.

  • JavaScript Function ?this is a code that is executed only when asked?or when an event happens

External JavaScript

When it comes to JavaScript, it is quite possible to have the scripts placed in an external file. This is one of the functions of JavaScript deemed to be very practical when you are using the same code in different web pages. When you use external JavaScript, it makes it easier to read and maintain both HTML and JavaScript. At the same time, it works on caching the JavaScript files which can speed up the load pages.

These are only a bit of the topics that JavaScript Tutorial for beginners covers. There are still a lot of other topics including the output, syntax, operators and variables, comments, assignments, etc. Each of these is important topics that will make it easier for you to create your website and games. Of course, while at first learning JavaScript will tackle only the basics, it will gradually improve to more complex topics. If you like the article and would like to learn more about JavaScript and other coding languages, follow on Social media & Sign up for Newsletter.