How To Program and Be More Successful

Even though the rate of job growth in IT is slowing down, it still retains its momentum. The decline in the number of jobs has led to intense competition and employers desire certain skills in people they want to hire.

Here is an IT skills list that is most in demand:

1. Application Development/Programming

Companies are most likely to have job openings for developers and programmers than any other position in IT. Many companies are struggling to find developers and given the current situation, this shortage will continue for quite some time.

2. Project Management

Demand for project managers went up four places on the most-needed IT skills list this year. A lot of catching up has been going on this year, particularly because little investments were made last year, and now companies want managers who could oversee larger projects.

3. Technical Support/Help Desk

Despite the rumors, technical support and help desk personnel are here to stay for quite some time. As a matter of fact, there is an increased need as people need assistance adapting to newer devices and technologies.

4. Web Development

The rapid rise in mobile devices has placed immense pressure on web developers to create responsive websites. This has led to a rise in demand for web developers and will continue well into 2016.

5. Database Administration

Database administration is a very crucial role in IT, one that is required in almost every company. The buzz about big data is particularly driving the demand for individuals with this skill. While organizations have the ability to store huge amounts of data in their storage, but there should be someone who knows how the database has been put together.


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