Coding for Beginners -The Secret to Success

Coding for Beginners – The Secret to Success

Have you been searching how you can learn to code? —Then you have come to the right place. Every day we see new software, new apps and new technology developed by programmers who have go on to make fortunes selling their new software or apps. Coding is not only fun, it is a serious business. The market for products developed by programmers is growing every day. It is one sure way to create a stream of income that will keep on coming as far as your product is still in existence. Take for instance, Mark Zuckerberg; the code he wrote more than a decade ago in his dorm room has turned into a multi-billion dollar company known as Facebook today and being used by more than a billion people worldwide. Facebook community ( I.e. people using Facebook) if it is to be compared to a continent is 3rd most populated continent, that’s to say a whole continent depending on a code wrote by one man.

Another example is Larry Page; the young man woke up from his dream to write a code that has transformed into the most popular search engine in the whole world. Learning coding cannot only make you money; it will also help you to make an impact in the world. However, you have to be ready to choose the right platform to learn coding; fortunately that what you will be learning here.

You will learn here how you can succeed with coding as a beginner. Also, it is important to note that you don’t need to spend a fortune on higher education before you can become a hardcore coder. There is a great shortage of coders worldwide, it therefore implies that your service will be highly sought by many big tech companies and individuals the world over. Don’t get excited yet, there are still works to be done. You need to learn the coding basics before you can begin to see yourself as a coder.

You will also get background information about coding before you write your first line of code. To succeed as a coder; you will also learn how coding works, the importance of learning how to code and what are the latest trends and common coding languages.

Here are some basics tips to succeed as a coder

Find Problem to Solve before writing code

Don’t just begin writing code without having a solution to a problem in mind. Coders are problem-solvers. It means as a coder, it is your duty to learn about a problem, or how to improve the current status quo of a technology before writing codes.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote the code for Facebook because he wanted his college friends to be able to connect socially with one another in another platform other than “myspace”.

Larry Page, bothered by the problem of lack of an effective search engine at the time, woke up from a crazy dream with a vision to wrote down that night what became the basis for an algorithm that led to the world most popular website “Google” (Known as BackRub as the time)

Successful coders first discover the problem that needs solving. You may discover the problem on your own or a client may bring the problem to your attention. First thing to do as a coder is to analyse the problem, understand it and think of more than one possible solution to the problem. Write down what you understood from the problem and the possible solutions so that you don’t forget.

Don? reinvent the wheel get help when needed

Coders are not supermen — Once in a while they require help from others. If you doubt that, ask Larry Page, without the help of his Google Co-founder Sergey Brin, maybe Google would not have been in existence today.

There are different ways to look for help; you can get help from your teacher, a friend or online. With the popularity of internet, it has become easier to learn virtually anything online today. There are many websites today where you can learn coding or get answers to all your questions about coding.

Everyone needs a helping hand – Get help from someone, you will be a better coder for that.

How our 30-Day Coding Guide Can Help

Do you want to become a coder in just 30 days? — Coding maybe tricky and can even seem scary most of the time but our 30 Day Coding Guide has made learning coding as easy as ABC.

It does not matter whether you have written a code before in your life or not, heck — even if you don’t know what coding is all about, our 30 Day Coding Guide is guaranteed to help you know everything you want to know about coding within 30 days.

This guide has 30 different modules, made for both aspiring and newbie programmers. We have a team of hardcore knowledgeable coding instructors that will take you by hand and teach you everything you ever wanted to know about coding, from how you can write your first line of coding to how you can begin making fortune with your coding skills.

What You Will Get From This Guide

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about coding
  • The Mindset of a successful coder
  • Problem solving 101
  • Coding Language
  • Tech Tool kit for coding
  • Free tools to make money as coder
  • Coding industry
  • Know who your competitors are
  • The right industry for your coding skills
  • How to do more with less
  • Discover your value as a coder
  • Marketing yourself

—— and lots more

Our 30 Coding Guide is the most important guide you need to succeed as a coding. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, get this guide and learn everything you ever wanted to know about coding.

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