The Best Programming Language to Learn

the best programming language to learnThe Best Programming Language to Learn

What programming language are you interested in learning? There are hundreds of programming languages and in theory asking a programming enthusiast what programming language he wishes to learn seem like simplest of questions. However, this is a hard question as there are different needs for different programming language.

With hundreds of programming languages available today, every aspiring programmer ought to meditate on the implication of the choice they are making as far as mastering a computer programming language is concerned. The purpose of learning programming is not to just know it but to use it solve problems. This means that one of the most important factors to consider when choosing programming language is the market demand for the programming language you are learning. Your knowledge of programming should not end in classroom. You have to put it to practice.

Among the ten most popular programming languages, SQL has emerged as the programming language with huge market demand and the one you can begin cashing in on once you are done learning programming. There are many reasons why you need to choose SQL as your programming language of choice, not only it is very profitable in the programming market, it will also open up a new chapter in your career.

Why Do You Need To Learn SQL Programming Language

  1. Huge Demand For Database Administrators

There is a growing huge demand for Database administrators (DBAs) which you can only become with knowledge of SQL. In fact, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, they projected that demand for DBAs will continue growing at over 15% till 2022, this is far better than the average demand growth of just 10.8% in other job opportunities. The big data industry has been growing by 31% since 2012 and it is expected that it will continue this trend till 2017. Hence, if you want to enjoy a very comfortable salary or even start your own company, there is no better time to learn SQL than now. Instead of receiving an annual wage of just $34,750, you could be earning over $80,000 annually on average. You can even be taking home a six-digit salary.

SQL which means Structured Query Language is a programming language that is developed for managing relational databases and it is the knowledge of this programming language that can help you to earn six-digit salary in the job market.

  1. SQL Language Never Changes

SQL is one of the programming languages that never changes. It implies that if you gain knowledge of SQL, in the next 20 years your knowledge will still be relevant. Developers and vendors have added their own extensions that have make SQL more standard, however the core of SQL never change. As far as you have the knowledge of SQL there is always a job for you somewhere any time you want it.

  1. SQL is Easy To Learn

Contrary to what some people might believe; learning SQL is not hard. You can say it is a different way of thinking, however, overall SQL is not hard to learn. There are only few commands, operators and data types you to need to master. You can learn SQL within 30 days with the help of our 30-Day Coding Guide and get a job as Database administrator with a very good salary.

  1. Clients need SQL for Tracking & Reporting of Assets

Clients require SQL for various tasks such as “tracking and reporting assets”. This is a major opportunity for you as a programmer. You can start your own company and manage many companies database on their behalf and earn a really good income.

Benefits of learning SQL are vast, that is why it is one of hottest programming language today. The demand for it is increasing every day. There are various tech startup that require the services of SQL programmer on daily basis and as of the moment, there are shortage of those with the right knowledge of this programming language meaning now is the right time you can learn SQL and take over the market

How Can You Learn SQL? ?. That’s Easy

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